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One of the most important yet easy to make syrups for cocktails is the simple syrup. it only contains 2 ingredients – sugar and water and is really simple to make.

simple syrup is an essential ingredient in an insane amount of cocktails and its really important for you to know how to make it right.
since a lot of bartenders prepare it the wrong way, here I will teach you how to make it the right and accurate way.

What sugar actually is?

All the sweeteners in cocktails, either its simple syrup, honey or Agave syrup comes from a group of basic sugars, Fructose, Glucose and the two combined – Sucrose (one molecule of each combined together).

in simple syrup we use Sucrose, in other words, we simply use good old granulated table sugar you can find in any house.

Other syrups variations

Of course, there are other variations of simple syrups.
you can make Demerara syrup which is more suitable for Tiki cocktails.
there is also rich syrup, you can make it by changing the ratio to 2:1, sugar and water respectively.

You can go even crazier and add spices and herbs in order to make a flavored syrup. one of my favorites is Mint simple syrup.
sugar is a great preserver so adding fresh herbs will prevent them from oxidizing quickly.

How to make simple syrup

Simple syrup is simply 1:1 ratio of sugar and water.
but the right and most accurate way to get to this ratio are by weight – this is super important.

Get your hands on a decent scale (preferably a digital one). if you don’t have one already, invest in one, they are relatively cheap and you’ll use it a lot, trust me.

simple syrup bottle

Simple syrup

Yield: 200 ml
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

One of the most essential ingredients for cocktails


  • 200g Granulated sugar
  • 200g water


  1. weight the sugar on a scaleweighting 200gr of granulated sugar
  2. weight the water on a scale weighting 200gr of water
  3. In a saucepan boil the water on a stove, then add the sugar.second phase of simple syrup boiling sugar and water
  4. Stir and let it simmer until all sugar is dissolved, immediately turn the stove off. don't let it boil after the sugar is dissolved - it will damage the ratio.Final phase of making simple syrup after the sugar is completely dissolved
  5. let it cool completely, then transfer to a clean, dry bottle


simple syrup has a long shelf life, just make sure you keep it a refrigerator.

For simplicity reasons, I prepared only 200ml if you need more, simply increase the amount. normally in a professional bar, we make 1Kg sugar with 1Kg of water. just remember to keep the ratio 1:1 by weight and you good to go.