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Gin & Tonic is one of the most recognized built cocktails in the world.
the G&T is been around for quite some time and over the years been tweaked and experimented by mixologists around the globe.
almost every cocktail bar have a twist or two of this classic in their menus.

gentle gin with pink and tonic cocktail

This is one of simplest yet wonderful cocktails out there, just two ingredients and you’re done.
the secret for nailing this drink is to use high-quality gin and tonic water.
this could make or break your drink.

In this riff for the classic gin and tonic, I’m using a wonderful craft gin from my good friends at Gentle gin.
they make some serious high-end craft gins with different infusions.
for this recipe I’m using the Pink one, it’s infused with hibiscus, hence the pink color and the name.

I took the liberty of adding some elderflower liqueur to the mix since gin and elderflower are a perfect pair.
finally topped with some really good tonic water from Thomas-Henry.

The result was a magnificent drink that is simple to make and damn sexy to look at.

pink and tonic cocktail

The Pink & Tonic

Yield: 1 cocktail
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes

Hibiscus infused gin and elderflower liqueur


  • 60ml / 2oz - Gentle Gin - pink one
  • 15ml / 0.5oz - St. Germain elderflower liqueur
  • 1 squeezed lime wedge
  • Tomas  Henry tonic water


  1. build in a glass all ingredients except for the tonic
  2. add big ice cubes and give it a little stir
  3. top with the tonic water
  4. garnish with a lime wedge