About Me

john raviv shaking

Hi, John Raviv here

I’m the creator of Jigger&Sons. Currently, I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
And in the past decade, been shaking and stirring cocktails professionally.

After almost decade behind the bar. I accumulated an insane amount of knowledge on mixology and cocktails crafting.

In the past few years, I created bar programs, cocktail menus, hundreds of signature drinks, and twists to the timeless classics.
Recently I decided to share my experience with other cocktails enthusiasts, both professionals and home bartenders alike.

When I first started my bartending journey back in 2010.
I struggled to find a good source of information about the craft of mixology.
the only way to learn was either a pricy bartending school or entering a waitlist to work at a good bar.
that’s the main reason why I started Jigger&Sons. 
to make bartending knowledge accessible and easy-to-read for all.

In this blog, I will mainly focus on technics, skills, recipes (not only for cocktails but also for syrups, infusions, and bitters) and mixology tips I’ve accumulated over the years.

Jigger&Sons was created for all the cocktail lovers out there that want to learn more about this wonderful craft. 
whether you are a home-bartender or a professional who wants to expand his knowledge, either way, you’ll find something of interest here, cheers!