apple and caramel cocktail

Carapple – apples and caramel cocktail

This apples and caramel cocktail is a delight.
there’s so much you can do with different kinds of apples in cocktails.
no matter what base spirit you will choose there is always a suitable apple for the job.
but pairing a reb crispy apple with caramel is one of the best combinations you can think of and you can rarely go wrong.

To spice up the mix I added some high-quality aged rum, my homemade orgeat, and a pinch of cinnamon, just to give it a nice kick.

for the caramel flavor, I used Van Gogh caramel.
typically I don’t tend to use vodka in my drinks.
but the caramel version from this brand is amazing and really has a rich flavor.


Let’s start with the basics, most of us think that there are only two types of apples, red and green.
but you are wrong!
actually there are thousands of different kinds although it can be overwhelming to know all of them.
the good side is that every season there are apples waiting for the picking.
what it means is, we have a constant supply of fresh ingredients for our cocktails all year round.

Now before we dive in, a word of advice.
keep the store-bought, commodity apple juice out of your cocktails.
the process this apple juices go through ruins the real flavors and aromas.


Juicing apples

The first thing to remember is never to peel your apples before juicing.
the peel contains the natural pigment and a lot of the aromas of the fruit.
if you have a juicer around, you’re in luck.
using a juicer is the best way to extract the most out of your apples.
but in my experience, not everyone posses a juicer.
so I will teach you the mixologist’s way of juicing an apple – Muddling.

One more thing before we start if you’re planning to make a batch of apple juice, make sure to add fresh lemon juice to the mix to avoid oxidation.
one teaspoon for every 2 apples is enough.

The muddling method

There are two approaches to this juicing method you can use for different cocktails.
the first one is, muddling the apple inside the cocktail shaker and shaking all the ingredients together.
but this method has a lack of measurement accuracy.

So to make it more accurate, we can use the same method but for a bigger batch.
simply cut your apples into small cubes (3cm/1 inch).
toss them into a clean cocktail shaker and start muddling them – don’t forget the lemon juice to prevent oxidation.
when you finished muddling about 3 apples strain them through a fine-mesh strainer.
you will get a not too clear fresh apple juice. I will recommend not to strain through a cheesecloth because the small amount of pulp and skin in the juice adds to the aroma and flavor.

If you don’t want pulp to float in a cocktail simply double strain when you make the final cocktail.

In this cocktail, I used pink crispy apples they have some acidity but are sweet and are great for cocktails.

apple and caramel cocktail


Yield: 1
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes

Pink crispy apple juice, Van Gogh caramel, aged rum and orgeat


  • 30ml / 1oz - Van Gogh caramel
  • 15ml / 0.5oz - aged rum
  • 20ml / 0.7oz - homemade orgeat
  • 45ml / 1.5oz - fresh apple juice
  • pinch of cinnamon


  1. muddle the apple inside the shaker
  2. add all ingredients and shake with ice for 30sec
  3. double strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass
  4. garnish with apple slices and cinnamon

If you enjoyed this apples and caramel cocktail feel free to share it.
if you have any thoughts leave a comment below, cheers!