Orgeat syrup is an amazing ingredient in cocktails it adds a layer of nut flavor and creaminess.
Now you can easily put your hands on some commercial orgeat at any liquor store.
but the problem is – most of them lack the texture and quality of a homemade one and have huge amounts of sugar or corn syrup.

The Orgeat is an essential ingredient in Mai-Tais and a variety of other tiki cocktails.
here I will teach how to easily make your own homemade Orgeat that will take your tiki cocktail game to the next level.

El Sol Rojo
Grapefruit, orgeat, and rum.

What Exactly is Orgeat

Orgeat is basically a nuts syrup usually almonds but you can replace it with different kinds of nuts (try Cashew orgeat – one of my favorites ).
it’s always a good idea to have the basic almonds variation and another one in case you want to try something more interesting.

This syrup is made from basic ingredients all you need is sugar, water, almonds and orange water (I also like to add some aged rum to enhance the flavors).
the process is very similar to simple syrup just with few more steps.

What Can I Use It For?

This syrup has a really creamy texture and will incorporate beautifully with a huge amount of shaken cocktails.
in short, you can add it to almost any rum-based cocktail (Shaken only!) and you’ll see what I mean.

The most basic and popular cocktail that contains orgeat is the Mai-Tai.
start with it to see if you like it.
moreover, this syrup will pair well especially with pineapple juice or coconut water/milk.

mai tai cocktail
A perfectly made Mai-Tai from my Thailand vacation.

How To Make Orgeat

This is my own recipe I use for my bar programs and cocktails.
after a lot of try and error I got the balance I was looking for.
it may not work for you so feel free to tweak the recipe to your taste.

As with all my syrup recipes, I make small quantities just to keep it simple.
however, you can increase the volume to your needs just make sure to keep the ratio between the ingredients.

orgeat syrup bottled

How To Make Orgeat

Yield: 200ml
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Additional Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 25 minutes

The classic tiki almond syrup


  • 1 cup of chopped almonds (100gr)
  • 1 1/2 cup of water
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon orange water
  • 60ml aged rum
  • tools:
  • saucepan, cheesecloth, fine mesh strainer, and a large bowl.


  1. make sure your almonds are peeled (I simply buy pre-chopped and peeled almonds).
  2. in a small saucepan toast your almonds on medium heat for about 5-10minraw almonds - orgeat
  3. keep toasting until the almonds get a brownish color toasted almonds
  4. take out the toasted almonds and keep it aside in a bowl
  5. clean the saucepan from any almonds residue
  6. add the water and bring to boil then add the sugar (just like simple syrup)
  7. keep stirring until all sugar is completely dissolved
  8. now add the almonds to the syrup and stir
  9. boil everything on medium heat for 10 min (stir constantly)
  10. turn the heat off and let the mixture sit until its completely cool
  11. place the cheesecloth over the strainer and pour the syrup over
  12. start moving the mixture around to let all the liquids strain into the bowl
  13. after the majority of the liquids are strained, close the cloth into a bag-like shape and start squeezing it gently with both your hands, do this until all the liquids are drained from the mixture.
  14. add 60ml of aged rum and a teaspoon of orange water into the bowl, stir and move into a sealed container (to preserve it longer).


Keep your syrup refrigerated at all times.

The high content of sugar and the rum should keep it for about a month.

Feel free to replace the almonds with other nuts (I recommend Cashew).

Feel free to share this recipe, leave me a comment or contact me about any questions you may have. Cheers!