django - tequila, ginger and mango cocktail

Django – tequila, ginger, and mango cocktail

The combination of mango and ginger always reminded me of Thailand.
after coming across some great looking ripe mango I decided to squeeze some fresh juice out of them.
next, I prepared some ginger syrup and shake everything with tequila balance.
the result – a magnificent exotic slow sipper with bright orange colors that just make you feel like you’re on vacation.

So roll up your sleeves take out your shaker and lets jump right in.

Juicing Mangos

You can always go with the store-bought version but keep in mind that there is nothing like fresh fruits in cocktails.
the flavor is always more real and less synthetic.
I recommend to get fully ripe and even soft mangos – they will yield more juice.

So what you’ll need is a couple of ripe mangos, pairing knife, a blender or food processor and a fine-mesh strainer.
the flash of mangos is different from other fruits we usually use for juices, you cant just use juicers – they won’t work!

To juice mango, first, you need to peel it – can be done easily with any pairing knife.
secondly, cut the flesh around the seed and chop it into small pieces.
throw the pieces into the blender and squeeze half a lemon inside.
finally, blend everything together on high speed until you’ll get a smooth puree.

After you get to the right texture, strain it over a bowl or another big enough vessel (use a spatula to press the juice through the sieve).
I recommend that after you strain it once strain again with cheesecloth.
that way you are going to get clear of pulp juice, which is more suitable for cocktails.

mango and tequila cocktail

Ginger syrup & Saline solution

The other two important ingredients are ginger syrup and saline solution.
ginger syrup is super easy to make. ginger, sugar, and water – that’s it.
the syrup base is simply simple syrup – 1:1 ratio by weight.

start by chopping up some ginger (I use 15gr for every 250ml).
then, make some simple syrup, you can find a detailed recipe here.
finally, when the syrup is still simmering add the ginger, let it simmer for another 5 minutes.
turn down the heat and let it cool down.
strain into a clean bottle and keep refrigerated (this syrup will last for about a month).

The saline solution is basically liquid salt.
all you need to do is mix together 80% water with 20% kosher salt.
let it cool – and you just got yourself one of the most simple yet interesting cocktail ingredients.

salt is used in cocktails to enhance flavors similarly like chocolatiers and pâtissiers add salt to their deserts.

Salt is a magnificent ingredient – learn how to use it!



Yield: 1
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

Tequila blanca, ginger syrup, mango juice and salt


  • 45ml / 1.5oz - tequila blnaca
  • 30ml / 1oz - mango juice
  • 15ml / 0.5oz - ginger syrup
  • 15ml / 0.5oz - lime juice
  • 3 drops saline sulotion


  1. add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice
  2. shake vigorously for 20 sec
  3. double strain into a pre-chilled coupe glass

If you enjoyed this tequila, ginger and mango cocktail – let me know in the comments below. also feel free to share this recipe on social media, cheers!