dehydrated citrus

Dehydrated citrus is a wonderful garnish that goes well on almost every cocktail.
They are visually appealing and have a huge shelf-life.
and the best thing is, that they are really easy to make.
of course, you will need some special tools just to make your life easier and the process much faster.

Dehydrated Citrus – Why do we love them?

To those who are not familiar with this garnish.
dehydrated citrus is a really cool way to save citruses that are about to spoil.
Therefore they are a big part of bar sustainability and lowering our waste volumes.

At professional bars when the circuses are no longer good enough to juice into a cocktail, we put them aside.
once a week we make a big batch of dehydrated garnishes.

Its good to mention that citruses aren’t the only thing that can be dehydrated.
you can also use fruits like pineapple and apples that make a beautiful garnish for margaritas and other fruit-based cocktails.

pineapple margarita using Dehydrated citrus

Recommended tools

If you plan to make some garnishes for your bar program or maybe for your own home bar.
it is best to be equipped with a tool that will make your life much more easier.

The problem with Dehydrated citrus is, for them to dehydrate enough you’ll need to slice your citruses really thin.
unless you are a professional chef or a really good samurai, you’ll find the task of slicing thin wheels with a knife, a pain in the butt.

To overcome that problem you’ll want to use a tool called a Mandoline slicer.
this tool is used to slice vegetables in commercial kitchens.
what’s so good about it is that, if you use it right, you can’t cut yourself.
above all that you’ll get uniform and thin wheels that will dehydrate evenly and much more faster.

I personally own the Swissmar Borner, his knives are built to last and by far the best mandoline I have ever had.
if you’re not planning on doing this every week or even month you can get the Mueller he is cheaper but still a very nice tool.

Just do yourself a favor and get a mandoline!

dehydrated citrus

Dehydrated Citrus

Yield: 100 wheels
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Total Time: 3 hours 45 minutes

The perfect sustainable and long-lasting garnish


  • 10-15 citruses (limes, lemons and oranges)
  • Parchment paper


  • Mandoline slicer
  • Oven
  • Baking trays


  1. Wash your citruses with water and dry well
  2. Cut one tip of your citrus and firmly insert the other side into the hand protection tool of the mandoline (it has some sort of fork inside)
  3. Start slicing the citrus into thin wheels using the hand protection tool - be aware the mandoline is extremely sharp never use it without protection!! mandoline slicer
  4. After slicing all of your citruses place them over parchment paper on a baking tray sliced citrus on baking tray
  5. Preheat your oven to 70C / 158F for about 15 min
  6. Insert the trays to the oven and set a timer for 3 hours
  7. After 3 hours, open and check your citruses, they should be dehydrated and crisp if they are still moist leave them for an additional 15 min, repeat that process until they are ready.ready dehydrated citrus
  8. Let them cool for at least 20min before separating them (sometimes they stick to the paper), do it gently not to break them.
  9. make sure you store them in a sealed box or jar not to let any air inside.


  • A word of caution: when using a mandoline slicer always use the protective hand tool - this is a sharp tool!.
  • Naturally, the type of oven may differ - check your citruses regularly and adjust the temperature according to their condition.
  • Store your finished product in a sealed container to prevent exposure to moisture.
  • you can also make citruses with a bit of brown sugar and cinnamon on top - they go well with some cocktails, adding additional flavor and sweetness.

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